But will wish you had

So you've spent all that time and money investing in your new re-design project, and the last thing to be laid is your bespoke luxury carpet.

One final inspection before the guests start flowing in, but wait! Is that a spot of mud on the floor? Instinct drives you to grab your regular cylinder hoover to give it a good going over.

Your instinct is definitely right to clean it up, but using a cylinder hoover is the worst mistake you can make. To get the best level of cleanliness for your new luxury carpet and prolong it's life, check out our five top tips!

  1. A traditional upright vacuum cleaner is much more accurate, and more importantly, better for your new carpet.
  2. An upright hoover doesn't just suck the dirt from the surface of the carpet, it also has a beater brush that disturbs the pile of the carpet so that the suction can reach the dirt at the base. Motorised beater brushes are the most effective.
  3. There are benefits to cylinder hoovers; they're light and have nozzle attachments that can reach into those awkward corners. However, for a thorough clean, a traditional upright vacuum cleaner goes deeper, and keeps the carpet looking better for longer. Modern uprights also now have great adaptors and accessories.
  4. As well as having the right equipment to vacuum correctly, always book in for a regular professional maintenance service for all your carpets. We recommend you do this twice a year.
  5. Eaton Square's favourite brands, and ones that we always recommend to our clients, are Dyson and Sebo.


Eaton Square Recommends Dyson

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