Santorini Collection

Santorini is our new line of made-to-measure rugs and carpets in neutral tones designed
with 100% pure wool and woven on our traditional Wilton looms.

Santorini made to measure rugs and carpets
Luxury made to measure rugs and carpets
Sumptuous underfoot and striking
Luxury made to measure rugs and carpets
Residential and commercial
Luxury made to measure rugs and carpets
Delicate light and dark tonal

With a random organic style, blending cut and loop pile textures to create a delicate light and dark tonal surface, Santorini is sumptuous underfoot and striking to the eye.

Featuring six modern neutral colours, from cream through to charcoal, Santorini is stocked in 4.00m widths and is also available in a bespoke made to measure area rug.

The core features of Santorini comply with Eaton Square’s environmental and sustainability objectives. Made with pure wool and organic raw material.

Zeus - 0900
Ares - 0901
Aphrodite - 0902
Athena - 9003
Apollo - 0904
Demeter – 0905

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