Mini Tahoe

The Mini Tahoe is a luxury carpet with extended longevity due to its durability and robust composition. It offers exceptional value at an affordable price point, suitable for bedrooms and general living spaces.

Tahoe Deluxe - Kingsbury
Mini Tahoe - Kingsbury 21
Mini Tahoe - Kingsbury 40
Mini Tahoe - Kingsbury 18

Luxury made affordable

This elegant and sophisticated range is timeless in both its craft and tone. The five natural yet rich hues of the Mini Tahoe collection have been created in response to the most popular tonal, giving the luxury carpet range extended longevity. These shades will never go out of style.

Created from man-made fibres excellently worked to imitate the texture or real wool. Mini Tahoe is an exceptional value option for anyone requiring quality at the most affordable price point. The durability and robust composition of this range promises to keep its shape and form, even areas of the highest footfall.

Five natural, rich shades

Crystal bay 710
Crystal bay 710
Kingsbury 772
Kingsbury 772
lakeridge 750
Lakeridge 750
Skyland 700
Skyland 700
Tahoma 779
Tahoma 779

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"I was advised to go with Mini Tahoe for a recent renovation due to being so hard wearing, but also offering the perfect price point for the overall project. I’m extremely happy with the final product and will be using it again in the future."

Ben Marsh, Property Developer

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