Wealden Click: Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Wealdon Click - Luxury Vinyl Flooring that looks exactly like real wood

Combining the look and feel of real wood with the practicality, softness and discreetness of vinyl flooring, Wealden Click is as authentic and seasoned as the real thing. The textured surface and true to character knots give a weathered look of experience and craftsmanship. The intricate grains and detailing makes it indistinguishable from real oak flooring.

Is Wealden Click For Me?

It can often feel overwhelming when selecting the perfect flooring for your space. With so many options on the market, differing levels of quality, colours and finishes, Eaton Square takes the complication out of the decision making. Looking for easy-care, durable, convenient and stain-resistant flooring? Our Wealden Click range of luxury vinyl flooring is the ideal option. Crafted in seven neutral shades, from deep browns to ashy greys, there isn't a traditional and contemporary setting that it won't work in.

Able to withstand intensive heavy traffic, with no risk of cracking or damage, Wealden Click meets all the requirements of a commercial project. Be assured that you'll have no regrets when choosing a range that's guaranteed to last the test of time.

Luxury Vinyl - Wealden Select

Simple Installation?

Vinyl - Wealden Rustic

Water defiant, slip and scratch resistant, underfloor heating compatible and soft and warm underfoot; this flooring has countless features. In addition to this, it also has the added benefit of a quick and easy installation. Glue-free, easy fitting, vinyl click flooring simply locks together.

Whether your aim is to add warmth, colour or light to a space, Wealden Click is a distinctive and high-calibre flooring option. With a surface texture that feels like the real thing, and an embossed finish that looks like the real thing, it's a reliable and dependable choice of flooring for your project.

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