How to pick a new carpet

How to Pick a new New Carpet

With such a large variety of choices available, it can be a little overwhelming to choose the correct carpet for your space.

Take some time to do your research, order samples and pick a supplier who is happy to answer your questions.

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Neutral Tones

When you're looking to choose a new carpet, ones that come in a beige or neutral tone can offer a blank canvas and will suit most interior styles. Neutral tones do not have to mean boring and making use of texture within your carpet or rug can add an extra textural element to the room. We can offer a variety of yarns, twists and textures to choose from, we can advise on the best options for your space.

Pure Wool Carpet
Axminster Design Library

Be Bold

If you're feeling bolder, add colour to your space and using your carpet as a design statement. You can select from a range of creative patterns and designs to create something eye-catching. This is a great way to liven up an old space and great a talking piece for your visitors.

Room Usage

Always consider the usage of the rooms you're carpeting, to ensure you have a suitable thickness. For example, communal areas of the house will always have a higher traffic flow, meaning a heavier weight is more suitable than a more delicate carpet.

8 Year Guarantee

We guarantee our products, seams, underlay, glue and installation for 8 years, which no other manufacturer does. Speak to one of our sales team for samples and advice on picking your next luxury carpet.

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