Caring for your wool carpet

Wool Carpets are easy to clean

Once your new carpet has been fitted, you'll want to ensure that it remains beautiful over time.

The wool fibres in your carpet make it difficult for dirt to stick, resulting in an easy to clean product that will keep its colour. However, accidents happen and if you do have a spill, it is best to act straight away.

Top Tips

  • Don't rub the stain, you may damage the yarn
  • Don't use white wine on a red wine spill
  • Dilute the stain with water and blot the area
  • Work from the outside inwards of the stain
  • Use a dedicated cleaner for wool
  • Work in your cleaner with a brush, sponge or cloth and keep rinsing
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To maintain the appearance of your carpet, it is important to clean the area with a good quality, upright vacuum cleaner.

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